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Do you need to improve your English skills but are too busy to travel or simply do not have the time?

Study English from the comfort of your home on our dedicated learning platform!

Here at ELA, we’ve spent decades specializing in language teaching, to all students of all backgrounds; from juniors to adults, from beginners to proficient speakers, from all corners of the world.

English has become a global language and fluency in the language can influence career paths, broaden educational and travel opportunities and help connect people from all cultures. That’s why our lessons are designed to optimise progress and our teachers are committed to offering as much support as possible to help students realise their full potential!

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Need a better grip in using the right language tools when it comes to your professional life? Start improving your Business English and master the opportunities ahead.

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Want to include family or friends? Sure! We offer packages that can fit all your schedules. Start improving your English skills together with your loved ones, with professionals.

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Our Teaching

Start your virtual classes today, with special attention given to speaking and everyday English. It’s easy, fun and, from the comfort of your home.

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