Online General English Group Packages

Improve your level of English in an International Classroom

Our online General English package offers everything you’d need to become fluent in the language. These lessons combine speaking, listening, reading and writing practice with grammar and vocabulary tasks to prepare you for any instance where you’d want to use the language; with friends, colleagues, while you’re out shopping or having dinner at a restaurant.

Whether you’ve never used English before, or you’re already quite proficient, the selection of familiar topics and authentic material will give you all the tools you’ll need to communicate effectively in English in your daily life.

Package A

€40 per week

No Registration fee!
Package B

€55.00 per week

No Registration fee!
Package C

€85.00 per week

No Registration fee!

Improve your level of English in an International Classroom

Lessons per weekPackage A: 4 lessons per week (3 hours)
Package B: 6 lessons per week (4.5 hours)
Package C: 10 lessons per week (7.5 hours)
Length of 1 lesson45 minutes
Course daysPackage A: Tuesday/Thursday
Package B: Monday/Tuesday/Friday
Package C: Monday – Friday
Time slots to choose from13.00 – 14.30 or
18.00 – 19.30
Minimum ageJuniors: 6-11
Teens: 12-17
Adults: 18 upwards
Levels offeredBeginner to Advanced
Students per classAverage 8, maximum 10
Ideal forStudents who wish to improve their everyday written & spoken communication in English

Package A: €40.00 per week

Package B: €55.00 per week

Package C: €85.00 per week

No Registration fee!

Course material, hard copy of the certificate, exclusive access to ELA’s online platform, etc are included in the package prices above.

4,6 or 10 lessons per week (maximum 10 students)

Do you need to improve your English skills but are too busy to travel or simply do not have the time? Then this is the solution for you. Our online General English packages are aimed at giving the learner practice in both the skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and systems (vocabulary, grammar, phonology and discourse) of the language, using familiar topics and authentic material. The main objective of these courses is to improve the students’ overall ability to communicate in English with particular emphasis on fluency.

To receive more information about enrolling on our General English courses, please email us on info@elamalta.com.


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